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At TLC, our mission is to be a leading legal service provider while being mindful of the needs of our clients: keeping our eyes on the perfection of the product, our ears open to hear, our hands working hard to provide premiere service, our feet on the ground running to get information quickly, our minds open to receive new and improved ideas, and our hearts focused on the integrity of the company. – Debbie Hartzer, President



The Legal Connection, Inc. (“TLC”) is a legal service company which employs only the most qualified individuals to maintain and process your litigation needs. The legal experience of our team members ensures a premier product.  We pride ourselves on providing you personalized service.

“The Legal Connection is incredibly energetic, motivated and professional in every way. The founder’s joyful personality was made for customer contact. The Legal Connection understands the legal profession and the demands put on the support staff. They never fail to amaze me in their abilities to get the job done whether it be through management skill or their “make it happen” attitude”.  Angela Goldberg – Paralegal

For a detailed list of all service offerings and related information, please visit our Service Offerings section.

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TLC is a State of Texas Historically Underutilized Business ("HUB") as qualified by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts and Texas Procurement and Support Services Division; Vendor # 61397.

Non-Party Depositions Upon Written Questions

One of our specialties at The Legal Connection is preparing and overseeing the issuance of Depositions Upon Written Questions (“DWQ”) and Subpoenas Duces Tecum from non-parties.  Texas Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 200 guides the issuance of a Notice and Questions.  It states:  “A party may take the testimony of any person or entity by deposition on written questions before any person authorized by law to take depositions on written questions.”  The DWQ can be issued in either an Admissible or Inadmissible format.  We tailor the DWQ to your case and have forms to include business, medical,

What are the components of an Affidavit?

I am often asked, when discussing record retrieval and requests by authorization, about the admissibility of documents.  I thought a series on the process might be helpful.  Let's start with the components of an Affidavit.  They are:

Is there a cure?

In my nearly 30 years of working the legal profession, I sometimes think I have seen it all, but know, of course, that is nowhere near true. I started my career in the age of early computers with the green blinking lights on a black screen. Every desk had an IBM Selectric typewriter but not everyone had a computer. Copies were made using carbon paper and corrections were made with correction fluid or those little slips of paper that typed white over your mistake.

Stresses of the Minimum Billing Requirement

While reading Ann Pearson's recent article on The 6 Minute Paralegal and the Billable Hour, I was quickly transformed to my life working for a high volume litigation firm where the paralegal monthly billable requirement was 160 hours a month.  The attorneys were well over 180 hours a month.  The stress of billing every minute of every possible hour in a 40-hour week took a toll after years of working 50 to 60 hours a week to hit that goal.


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